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Price(Ex-Showroom): Rs.5,95,000

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San storm, Indiaís first and the only sports car

San Motors India ltd. is an Indian company which introduced San Storm which is a two seated sports car in the year 1998. The San Storm is a design by the French Le Mans group. It gives the basic look of a sports car, though the features and the engine do not match the sports car criteria. In a country like India where there is too much sun, the idea of a top less car does not suit much, though the San Storm has other features which are quite liked by the customers.

San Storm description:

The San storm is Indiaís first and the only sports car. The San Storm is powered by a Renault D7F engine which delivers a power of 1149 cc. the top speed the car delivers is 152km/hr. the car weighs just 760 kg and this is because of the tubular steel body which is fiber glass reinforced. This also gives it an amazing power to weight ratio. Itís an open top car and the seats are not very comfortable. Though itís a sports car, the power it delivers is less than most of the family cars.

San Storm models:

The San Storm has one model and it is the San storm 1.2.

San Storm colors:

The available colors of the San Storm include five colors which are named as the following. They are the San Storm Black, San Storm Blue, San Storm Red, San Storm Silver and San Storm Yellow.

San Storm Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy:

The fuel used in the car is petrol. The average mileage the San Storm gives in the city is about 10.6 km/l and in the highways the mileage of San Storm increases to 13.7 km/l. this car doesnít provide with a very high mileage but itís quite decent. The average mileage comes to around 12.15 km/l. the fuel tank capacity is 36 liters. The number of cylinders in the San Storm is four and the number of valves present in the car is eight.

The fuel economy of the San Storm is great which doesnít surprise us because it is light weight and the engine size is also small. The good part about the San Storm is the chassis because of its agile and stiff built. The steering wheel of the San Storm is the same as the Maruti Zen, the grip is excellent though. The sports tag attached to the car has nothing to do with the built or the performance.

San Storm Power:

With the Renault D7F engine the displacement by the San Storm is 1149 cc. the power delivered by the car is 60 PS @ 5250 RPM. The torque dissipated by the San Storm is around 94 NM @ 2500 RPM. Number of cylinders provided in the San Storm is four and the valves provided in the car are eight. Itís a petrol driven car. It has the capability to reach a speed of 100 km/hr starting from zero in just 13 seconds. The San Storm has five gears and the transmission type is manual.

San Storm Acceleration and Pick Up:

The acceleration and the pickup of the San Storm are amazing. It can reach a speed of 100 km/ hr from zero in just 13 seconds. This may be the reason because it has a Renault D7F engine. The power of the engine is 60 PS @ 5250 RPM and also the torque dissipated is 94 NM @ 2500 RPM. It has five gears so getting in to the top speed isnít a problem. The top speed of the San Storm is 152 km/hr. the average mileage of the San Storm is 12.15 km/l with its mileage in the city dropping down to as low as 10.6 km/l and increasing to 13.7 km/ l in highways.

San Storm Exterior Appearance:

The San Storm as we know is designed with French inputs. The car looks are cute and stylish and it does not look the rough and tough type. The San Storm does not give a muscular or an aggressive look but is more of the cute type. Itís a small little sports car. The body is made up of tough fiber glass and to improve on the stiffness of the car itís provided with a double skin. The San Storm is ding resistant when itís on low speed levels. The presence of soft top gives the San Storm a classic sporty look and also the sporty characteristics. Other external features of the San Storm include the fog lamps, the rear spoiler and the alloy made wheels which are very stylish. The bumpers provided in the car are also body colored. The canvas top is poorly designed which fold to the rear bustle. It gives a mixed look of a sports car from the front and a family car from the rear end.

San Storm Exterior Measurements:

The San Storm has a total length of 3543 mm and the width of 1504 mm. the height of the car is 1325 mm. the wheel base measures 2250 mm and the ground clearance is 135 mm. it has two doors and also the seating capacity is two.

San Storm Interior Appearance:

The interior of the car is quite appealing and inviting at the same time. The smart looks of the interiors give a welcoming look. The dash board is leather styled and very smart. The steering is soft to touch which gives extreme comfort and luxury for people who love driving. The seats are leathered and are hence very comfortable. The centre console is very dominant too.

Getting in and out of the San Storm is very difficult because of the less available space. This also happens because of the hood which is very uncomfortably placed. The cargo space isnít bad and it doesnít reduce when the roof is folded back and kept in the same space. It provides a decent space for luggage in all. The hood of the San Storm can be a real pain. It leaks in monsoon and can neither resist heat nor wind. So driving in the climate can be really difficult and cannot be enjoyed.

San Storm Interior Comfort:

Though the San Storm has a nice interior, the seats arenít comfortable at all. The seats in the car are low seated and the leg space isnít great too. It seems to be quite cramped up initially. The plastic fittings give the interior a very cheap look. The dash board is leathered to give a classy look to the interior. The steering wheel is provided with extra comforts so that the ride is enjoyable. It has soft touch material for the purpose. It has a very dominant center console, which gives it a great look. The steering is power assisted and the maximum turning radius of the steering wheel is 4.6 m which gives a comfortable driving experience.

San Storm Engine Capacity and Performance:

The engine in the San Storm is Renault D7F which provides it with a good capacity. It has five gears so getting in to the top speed isnít a problem. The top speed of the San Storm is 152 km/hr. It can reach a speed of 100 km/ hr from zero in just 13 seconds. The power of the engine is 60 PS @ 5250 RPM and also the torque dissipated is 94 NM @ 2500 RPM. The mileage of the car isnít that great but itís quite decent. The average mileage is 12.15 km/l. The mileage of the San Storm increases on the highways to 13.7 km/l and deceases in the city to 10.6 km/l.

San Storm Wheels:

The wheel base is alloy made giving it an amazing look. The size of the wheels is 5J X R13, the radius being 13 inches. The tires are of the size 155/70.

San Storm Braking and Handling:

The front brakes of the San Storm are of the ventilated type with the calipers being of the piston sliding type. The rear brakes on the other hand are drum brakes. As the name suggests, itís quite good on roads with bent edges. It has a sharp chassis and also punchy acceleration. Thought the car isnít very fast, itís comfortably good on good roads.

San Storm Handling and Safety:

The car doesnít have much safety features included as the basic feature. San Storm is provided with seat belts in the front seats and also has the provision of warning lights. The steering column is semi collapsible and the crumple zones are also well designed. It has a central locking system and also has engine immobilizers. There is no provision of air bags and the system of keyless entry is also not provided with. Child safety lock doors are present but there is no anti theft alarm. Thought the San Storm has the basic safety features, some of the very common features are not there which a major drawback of the car is.

San Storm Stereo and Accessories:

It does not provide with any stereo or accessory which is a major drawback of this sports car.

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